Selling a Vehicle

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Our Selling Process

Looking to sell your vehicle?  Let us help you!  Whether you are looking for a direct sale or consign your vehicle, let our 30 years of experience work for you.  Below are the details to help figure out what works best for you. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email or call 603-627-4300


We buy vehicles of all different years and makes, and selling your vehicle to us directly is the quickest way of getting your vehicle sold.  We will prepare a Bill of Sale and all other necessary paperwork to transfer the ownership of the vehicle and we will have a check for you as soon as the transaction is complete!  Check for title, title for check!!!


    • QUICK TRANSACTION - Once the necessary paperwork has been signed, you will immediately receive a check for the vehicle. 
    • ORGANIZING THE PAYOFF - If there is still a lien on your vehicle, we are experienced in working with lien holders in coordinating payoffs for vehicles. Once the vehicle is paid off, we will give you a check for the net proceeds from the vehicle. 
    • THE CAR IS SOLD! - The greatest benefit of an outright sale is that once the transaction is finished, the deal is done.  You can cancel insurance and take your plates to transfer them to a different vehicle.   

For more detailed information about selling your vehicle contact us at 


Simply stated, we will sell your vehicle for you. You maintain ownership of your vehicle and we collect a commission once the vehicle sells.  Consignment is a unique way of getting the most value out of your vehicle without having to deal with the headaches and hassles of a private sale.  Browse through these steps to find out more about consigning your vehicle. 

    • CONTACT - Contact one of our experienced sales representatives to make an appointment to consign your vehicle. We will perform a physical inspection, perform market value research and work with you in pricing the vehicle for sale.
    • VEHICLE CONSIGNMENT AND SALES AGREEMENT - With all the particulars of the vehicle settled, we put the consignment agreement in writing and with your your signature, we're hired
    • CONSIGNMENT FEES AND COMMISSION - Consigned vehicles as subject to an initial cleaning fee, monthly lot fee, and commission of the sales price once the vehicle has sold.  Fees and commissions vary from vehicle to vehicle, so email or call 603-627-4300us today for further details.
    Now that we are hired, we take over from here.  
    • DETAIL - Once we get your vehicle in, it undergoes a thorough cleaning so that the car is front-line ready.  We do a complete detail on both the exterior and interior of the vehicle, including buffing a waxing so that your vehicle is as clean as possible.  
    • ADVERTISE - We advertise your vehicle for sale on the nations top car sale websites, and use our prime location to give your vehicle the exposure it deserves.  
    • WORKING WITH POTENTIAL BUYERS - We will work with potential buyers, answer questions about your vehicle, and take the vehicle out on accompanied test drives on our dealer plates.  We will contact you with offers and work with you to reach a sales price.
    • PAPERWORK - Once we decide on a final sales price.  We will prepare all the paperwork to transfer ownership of the vehicle and the vehicle is SOLD.  We will then provide you with a closing letter as well as your copies of the documents.  

    For more detailed information about our consignment services contact us at 603-627-4300 or 


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